Oil rig worker sues company after slip-and-fall accident

Slip-and-fall accidents can happen in many places, including an employee’s place of work. Companies should take steps to try to ensure that hazardous conditions that can cause these types of accidents are not present in locations where people work. Recently, a man brought a lawsuit in Louisiana against several companies that allegedly failed to do this.

The case involves a man who worked aboard an oil rig. The case centers around an incident which allegedly occurred on November 8, 2010. That day, the man was going down a set of stairs on the oil rig and allegedly slipped and fell. The man claimed that he slipped on some antifreeze that was on the ground. The man says that this accident caused him to sustain injuries to his arm, shoulder and spine.

The man claims that his accident was caused by the negligence of several of the companies that were connected to the operation and maintenance of the oil rig. The man claimed that these companies failed to maintain a safe work environment in many respects. This included failing to take steps to ensure that hazards like the antifreeze were quickly removed and failing to warn workers of these types of hazards. The man has now sued these companies in connection to this alleged negligence.

When a person is at their place of work, they expect that steps are being taken to ensure that they aren’t exposed to dangerous hazards which could cause slip-and-fall accidents. When companies fail to live up to these expectations, it can result in workers suffering injuries. Thus, one hopes that companies are making sure to avoid negligent conduct like that alleged in this case.



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