John Daly sues golf tournament on premises liability cause

John Daly, a golfer known for his hard-hitting drives on the golf course and his headline grabbing behavior off the course, is suing the organizers of the Honda Classic golf tournament. The tournament is held every March in Palm Beach Gardens, Florida. The premises liability lawsuit claims that Daly injured himself while trying to stop his backswing. Daly claims he had to stop his backswing because he became distracted by a fan taking his picture mid-swing. Daly consequently withdrew from the Honda Classic.

The professional golfer filed the Ohio car accident lawsuit in a court at the beginning of the week and claimed that the incident at the Honda Classic exacerbated or reinjured an old injury that was also caused when a fan took a picture with a flash at the 2007 Honda Classic. The rules of the golf tournament forbid onlookers from using photography of any kind. The complaint alleges that the golf tournament organizers were negligent because security at the course allowed the woman onto the course with the camera and failed to remove the spectator after Daly informed security the woman had a camera. Daly is suing for $15,000 in damages.

The woman is a resident of the golf course community where the tournament is being held, and it is not clear whether she went through the usual security screening process.

As established, this is not John Daly’s first camera run-in. During the 2008 Australian Open an onlooker tried to take Daly’s picture, but Daly destroyed the spectator’s camera by smashing it into a tree. Daly has not won a tournament since 2004.



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