Insurance Representation Services


Representation of The Prudential Insurance Company of America in all sales practices matters. In 2002, Our qualified lawyers won a gratifying victory on behalf of Prudential when a Miami federal jury awarded only $66,105 to two plaintiffs, finding that Prudential had not committed any fraud in connection with their life insurance purchases. The jury also found no liability on Prudential’s part and awarded nothing to two other plaintiffs. Two more plaintiffs had all of their claims dismissed before jury consideration commenced. All six of the plaintiffs had opted out of a 1997 class action settlement in which Prudential paid out $4 billion, and had sought billions of dollars in punitive damages.

Our Monroe criminal defense lawyer was instrumental in negotiating a global settlement of claims against Prudential. Our qualified negotiated initially with the Multistate Task Force, a group representing insurance regulators of more than thirty-five states, and subsequently with a group of the principal class action plaintiffs’ firms in the country. The settlement sets up a unique alternative dispute resolution process designed to ensure that each policyholder who was harmed in the purchase of a Prudential policy can obtain appropriate remediation from the company.

Representation of The Travelers Insurance Co. in numerous insurance coverage litigation matters, including major hazardous waste coverage cases involving such insureds as Fairchild Camera & Instrument (now part of National Semiconductor), Signetics Corp., Bridgestone/Firestone, The Budd Company, Tecumseh Products Co., Monsanto, Emerson Electric Co., White Consolidated Products, Deere & Co., Household International and Amoco. We are representing Travelers in connection with litigation with Eljer Manufacturing, Inc., and United States Brass Corporation for coverage of claims arising from allegedly defective polybutylene piping systems. We also represented Travelers in a highly publicized class action that sought to obtain insurance coverage for manic depression and related conditions through the reclassification of these conditions as physical, rather than mental, disorders. Our qualified defeated the motion for class certification, which resulted in the individual plaintiffs subsequently dropping all claims against our client.

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